Institute of Network Engineering


As the first Network Engineering research and education institute in a public university in Taiwan, the institute focuses on network and communication research and education. The institute outperforms other departments and institutes in Taiwan in the fields of mobile communications, wireless networks, fiber-optic networks, and network security. The institute emphasizes the impact of research results and its faculty members have obtained many significant achievements, which surpass any other schools of computer science in the country. Many faculty members serve as editors of IEEE Transaction journals. Many faculty members have served as program committee members for prestigious international conferences and received best paper awards. Two professors have been granted Outstanding Research Awards by the National Science Council. Moreover, the institute faculty includes fellows of IEEE, ACM, AAAS, and IET.

Research Groups


  • Identifying and solving the problem of broadcast storms in ad hoc networks
  • Suggesting ways of dealing with the problems of location update and roaming efficacy
  • Developing the first vertical integration platform for GPRS and Wi-Fi
  • Compiling the textbook “Wireless and mobile network architectures,” published by Wiley, which was ranked as the number one best seller for a long time on Amazon in the field of wireless networking
  • Developing and releasing the highly-praised NCTU-ns Network Simulator and Emulator software to the public
  • Developing Hawaii Mobile IP protocol as an approach for supporting mobility in wide- area wireless networks
  • Designing the first integrated electro-optical hardware and an all-optical IP-over-WDM core network controlled by GMPLS
  • Designing multi-hop cellular, a new architecture for wireless communication

Future Plans

  • Development of key technologies in the all-optical broadband Internet
  • Development of key technologies in wireless networks and applications for the next generation
  • Research on group security and key integration
  • Research on platform and applications for sensor network software and hardware
  • Development of network application systems for intelligent homes
  • Research on technologies and service platforms for P2P (peer-to-peer) communication