Credit Programs

With the aim of catching up the worldwide trend of IT Industry, building the vision and developing technology, many emerging research areas such as Digital Entertainment and Art Credit Program, RFID and Sensor Network Application and Technology are included in our credit programs. We also cooperate with high-tech industries to establish Delta Cloud Computing Credit Program and IOT Credit Program.
Students taking these programs are expected to gain more practical experiences and acquire richer knowledge beyond ordinary courses. In future career, they are likely to stand out with their second specialty. The programs are designed for professional fields, which students can systematically learn from basics to advanced courses. Moreover, they can understand the application of IT Industry earlier and cultivate practical skills. Theory and practice are equally emphasized.
Students can apply for credit transfer according to regulations. Meanwhile, these credits are counted in graduation credits. Please see detailed description in each Credit Program. Students who accomplish the program will receive the Certificate of Credit Program.

Information: Interdisciplinay Program