Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The first wave of cloud computing was to centralize and virtualize servers into the clouds, with a phenomenal result. The emerging second wave, named Software Defined Networking (SDN), is to centralize and virtualize networking, especially its control, into the clouds. By centralizing the control-plane software of routers and switches to the controller, and its applications, and controlling the data-plane of these devices remotely, SDN reduces the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) because the devices become simpler and hence cheaper and the number of administrators could be reduced. SDN also enables fast service orchestration because the data plane is highly programmable from the remote control plane at controllers and applications. Thus, SDN is set to revolutionize the networking and communications industry by turning an array of appliances to a rich and growing "app store."

At NCTU, a big industry-academia project alliance on SDN has been formed across the CS and ECE departments involving nearly 20 faculty members. It is an emerging area involving both computing and communications disciplines. The initial industrial partners include Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), MediaTek (MTK), D-Link, Inventec, Arcadyan, EstiNet, and Xinguand, with new partners joining the alliance subsequently. The project alliance aims to create an eco-system for SDN, with technology components such as OpenFlow switch and controller, southbound API, northbound API, service chaining, traffic steering, network function virtualization (NFV), cloud-RAN (radio access network), and with systems and services such as app store, data center networking, SDN-enabled 5G, Network as a Service (NaaS) and Security as a Service (SaaS) for enterprises, consumers, and IoT (Internet of Things). 

Research Themes

  • Software Defined Broadband Networks
  • Software Defined Wireless Networks
  • Software Defined Cloud Data Centers
  • OpenFlow Switch Design
  • OpenFlow Controller and App Design
  • SDN App Store
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Cloud-RAN (Radio Access Network)
  • SDN Conformance/Interoperability/Performance Testing
  • SDN Security

Research Team

王協源 Shie-Yuan Wang李奇育 Chi-Yu Li林一平 Jason Yi-Bing Lin林盈達 Ying-Dar Lin林靖茹 Kate Ching-Ju Lin
陳    健 Chien Chen陳志成 Jyh-Cheng Chen曾建超 Chien-Chao Tseng曾煜棋 Yu-Chee Tseng黃世昆 Shih-Kun Huang
趙禧綠 Hsi-Lu Chao蔡錫鈞 Shi-Chun Tsai嚴力行 Li-Hsing Yen