Wireless Networks

4G/5G and Next-Generation Wireless Networks

  • Established 1st MIMO OTA Testing Environment with a large scale Chamber in Asia
  • Demonstrated 1st TD-LTE Experimental Field Trial in Taiwan
  • Technology transfer:
    • TD-LTE Terminal IOT, Technology Transfer to GMC
    • TD-LTE Network System QoE Study, Technology Transfer to CHT
    • MIMO OTA Integrated Test System for LTE Network, Technology Transfer to WavePro Incorporated

Network Benchmarking Lab (NBL,, 2002~

  • With its worldwide unique real traffic testing, NBL has grown to a staff of 25 full-time engineers and 15 graduate students. It is 1/3 supported by government projects and 2/3 supported by industrial customers.
  • NBL was founded in 2002. It started as a customized testing service provider from 2002, grew to be a test solution/tool provider from 2005, and added the world-wide unique RealFlow real traffic testing from 2007. It has served over 100 companies, tested over 600 products, grown to a staff of 25 full-time engineers plus 20 students, and has been 2/3-supported by industry and 1/3 by government agencies. Positioning itself as a real traffic test lab, NBL has also developed its research roadmap along the beta site, packet trace library, In-Lab Live Testing, malware sample database, etc. It established the first “on campus beta site”, where potential defects could be detected earlier from “live” traffic at the beta site or from “replayed” traffic at NBL than at customer premises.
  • Compared to the other test labs that depend solely on artificial traffic generated by test tools, NBL's approach to using life and replayed real traffic, labeled RealFlow, is world-wide unique. Based on the local significance established in the first decade, NBL has a very good chance to establish its global significance in the next decade

Research Themes

  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • 4G/5G, and Next-Generation Core Networks
  • Wireless Multimedia Applications
  • Mobile Peer-to-Peer Communications
  • Inter-Vehicle Communications
  • Machine-to-Machine Communications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Network Simulations
  • System-on-Chip

Research Team

王協源 Shie-Yuan Wang李奇育 Chi-Yu Li林一平 Jason Yi-Bing Lin林盈達 Ying-Dar Lin林靖茹 Kate Ching-Ju Lin
張明峰 Ming-Feng Chang陳    健 Chien Chen陳志成 Jyh-Cheng Chen曾建超 Chien-Chao Tseng曾煜棋 Yu-Chee Tseng
楊啟瑞 Maria C. Yuang趙禧綠 Hsi-Lu Chao蕭旭峰 Hsu-Feng Hsiao謝秉均 Ping-Chun Hsieh嚴力行 Li-Hsing Yen