Natural Language Processing

Natural language refers to the way we communicate with each other. In our daily life, we are surrounded by text, such as News, social media posts, text messages, emails, and forum posts. Natural language processing is a field of artificial intelligence that aims at developing automatic computational techniques to process human language. The goal is to give the machines the ability to parse, analyze, understand, and generate human language, which enables machines to communicate with humans in natural language for supporting human living assistance.
The major research directions of natural language processing are human language technologies, information retrieval and extraction, and web mining. The research topics include classification, retrieval, extraction, and summarization of cross-language and cross-domain data from heterogeneous resources.

Research Themes

  • Knowledge Discovery over Documents
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Extraction
  • Cross-Language Cross-Media Retrieval
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Opinion Mining
  • User Intent Analysis
  • Summarization, Question and Answering

Research Team

顏安孜 An-Zi Yen