Programming Languages, Compilers and Software Engineering

The areas of computer science evolve gradually. Due to network and communication, the curriculum evolves from traditional computer science to “big data/data science”. Internet, e-commerce, social media, Internet of Things, the whole world is connected as the neuronal system in the human body. To process the information from all of the neurons is the big data problem. At the age of the Internet of Things, we are facing big data.

Most of the big data problems now are application oriented. We first need domain knowledge to clean the data, the statistics, optimization, machine learning, and data mining techniques are then applied to extract important/useful information. The applications are mostly the recommendation system in e-commerce, security in the computer system, and classification in bioinformatics. People believe that big data and Internet of Things will be part of our life, just the same as the mobile phone to us right now.

We also study the theoretical part of the big data problem, mostly are statistics and high dimensional geometry. Due to the high dimension, computation will also a problem, for example, we shall deal with a very big matrix. Another issue studied is the visualization of the big data.

In the age of the Internet of Thing (IoT), big data is usually in the form of “stream”. The theoretical and implementation issues will be studied.

Research Themes

  • Compilers, Code Optimization
  • Semantics
  • Verification of Programs
  • Object-Oriented Methodology
  • Software Engineering
  • Script Language
  • Virtual machine

Research Team

王豐堅 Feng-Jian Wang楊    武 Wuu Yang游逸平 Yi-Ping You黃世昆 Shih-Kun Huang黃俊穎 Chun-Ying Huang
洪瑞鴻 Jui-Hung Hung