Taipower Chairman Huang: Seize Every Opportunity to Learn and Enrich Your Life

Words from an outstanding alumnus

“I developed an interest in reading Chinese classical literature while I was studying in the Graduate Institute of Computer Engineering (the present Institute of Computer Science and Engineering). The eye-opening Laozi, Zhuangzi, the Analects of Confucius, Sun Zi’s The Art of War, and Buddhist scriptures enlightened me regarding the moral values and the ways of handling practical affairs. On the other hand, I was trained as a doctoral candidate in computer science and engineering to get to the core of things, to go back to the basics and solve problems one step at a time. The knowledge infused and cultured over the years allows me to face the various challenges and limitations in life with calmness and a sober mind. Therefore, I encourage you to seize every learning opportunity you have.Instead of just sitting there and whining about how frustration-ridden your life is, look at the bright side of life and be the best you can, and take the responsibility for yourselves. Constantly examine your heart, and how it is projected outwardly onto your behavior. With empathy and gratefulness, consider other people as mirrors showing reflections of yourselves, so that you might know how to change your hearts and acts. Don't ever lose the passion for humanity and lives. This way, I am convinced that you will have an enriched life and your future will be full of possibilities.”

After graduating from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Huang Jung-Chiou received a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, both from NCTU. He had served as Taiwan’s Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Vice Chairperson and Executive Director of the State-owned Enterprise Commission, and Director General of the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT). He is now the Chairman of Taiwan Power Company.

With a Ph.D. in computer science under his belt, Huang continues to cultivate his virtues in the field of humanities and explores the rules of life through the perspective of the Chinese literary classics. Despite the overwhelming pressure stemming from his public-sector jobs right after graduation, Huang manages to broaden his horizon with forthright and sincere open-mindedness. His optimistic and diplomatic personality also keeps him on good terms with political and business figures.

Driven by a genuine sense of mission, leadership and distinctive perception concerning strategies as well as technologies, Huang is good at executing policies in a diplomatic and sensible manner. The habit of critical thinking he developed as a doctoral candidate explains his unflustered problem-solving approach later in his career, which allows him to address the root cause of problems from a comprehensive perspective.