Multimedia Information System 

This research area aims at efficiently processing and making good use of a huge amount of various multimedia data produced by various facilities. The research issues include: multimedia content analysis which detects events or objects in videos, multimedia database search which provides descriptions and indexing for multimedia data, huge visual-search which utilizes deep learning and cloud technology to enable visual search capability for mobile devices, 2D/3D video codec which compresses videos to reduce network bandwidth and storage space requirements, multiview cube which utilizes multiview technology to provides new experience in man-machine interface, error correcting code and channel coding which provide fault-tolerance for multimedia data over communication channel, content-aware video retargeting which allows video to display in the devices with various spatial resolutions and aspect ratios, video quality assessment which provides an objective quality metric similar to subjective quality assessment, Media streaming super-resolution that achieves both high compression rate and pleasing visual quality, and multimedia SoC design which makes multimedia data processing and presentation more efficiently and smoothly.

Research Themes

  • Multimedia Content Retrieval
  • News/Audiovisual/Multimedia Searching and Indexing
  • Video/Audio Processing and Coding
  • 3D Video
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Media Streaming Processing and Compression
  • Digital TV
  • Interactive Multimedia Content Producing and Editing
  • Multimedia SoC
  • Multimedia Home Platform
  • UPnP Systems

Research Team

王才沛 Tsai-Pei Wang陳奕廷 Yi-Ting Chen彭文孝 Wen-Hsiao Peng黃俊穎 Chun-Ying Huang黃敬群 Ching-Chun Huang
蔡文錦 W. J. Tsai蕭旭峰 Hsu-Feng Hsiao