【論文研討Seminar】112/11/22(Wed) 15:30-17:30 @ED117。講題:The way of life as a serial entrepreneur

講題:The way of life as a serial entrepreneur


時間與地點:Time: 11/22(Wed) 3:30-5:30 PM

Location: ED 117

講者姓名與簡歷:Sachio Semmoto, Serial Entrepreneur, DDI (Now KDDI) Co-Founder, RENOVA, Inc. Chairman Emeritus, Japan


Throughout his life, the overarching theme for Dr. Semmoto has been initiating businesses with a focus on creating social change. He embarked on a journey to explore the significant waves and mega-trends of the new era ahead of others, displaying remarkable courage in the face of strong opposition. As a serial entrepreneur, he encountered numerous challenges and overcame them, gaining valuable insights from his experiences. In sharing his story, Dr. Semmoto will delve into the secrets of his success, shedding light on the mindset that sustained him through adversities. His narrative will not only unravel the trials of a serial entrepreneur but also illuminate the lessons learned and the vision he holds for the future of the world. Expect to hear about the resilience, determination, and forward-looking perspective that have shaped Dr. Semmoto’s entrepreneurial journey and contributed to his impact on society.


Dr. Sachio Semmoto is a distinguished entrepreneur with over 30 years of leadership in the Japanese telecommunications sector. Beginning his career at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (NTT) in 1966, he co-founded DDI in 1984, Japan's first private telecom startup, now the powerhouse KDDI Corporation with an $85 billion market cap.

After DDI's success, Dr. Semmoto transitioned to academia, becoming a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Keio University in 1996. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found eAccess in 1999, a pioneering Internet access startup with the second-largest global market share in Japan's DSL market. Following eAccess’s IPO in 2004, he founded EMOBILE, Japan's fourth-largest mobile network operator, both of which were sold to SoftBank in 2013. Beyond business, Dr. Semmoto is dedicated to philanthropy and education. In 2017, he established The Frances & Sachio Semmoto Foundation, supporting students from Asia Pacific nations pursuing higher education in Japan. In 2023, he founded the Walking Together Hand-in-Hand with Children Foundation, aiding abused children.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman Emeritus of RENOVA, Inc., a leading renewable energy power company in Japan. Dr. Semmoto has held international board positions, including NetApp and Reuters Shareholding Company, and is a member of prestigious organizations like the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), IEEE, and IEICE.