【數據科學系列演講】2023.3.15 (三) 15:30-17:20@視訊演講/講者:陳翔欣 博士/講題:The promise of X-ray imaging in biomedical research- High Resolution X-ray imaging for Brains



Post-Doctoral Fellow

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica


時間:2023.3.15 (Wed.) 15:30-17:20

地點 :視訊演講(




    X-ray microscopy explores the 3D structure of materials with high lateral and spatial resolution and finds many applications in the materials and life science. Thanks to the high brightness synchrotron x-rays, importance questions in biology can be answered with unprecedented detailed structural information.

    We developed an innovative and effective imaging strategy called AXON (Accelerated X-ray Observation for Neurons) in the TPS02A beamline at NSRRC. TPS02A beamline is one X-ray microscopy with sub-micron resolution, aiming to tackle the important questions of neuroscience, with the goal of mapping the neural network of an entire animal brain.

    To approach the much more complex brain organ, such as the human brain as the mission target, our team initiated one coalition of gathering the worldwide synchrotron facilities to tackle this task with fast X-ray tomography technique, called SYNAPSE (Synchrotron for Neuroscience – an Asia Pacific Strategic Enterprise)

    Our objective is to attack the issue of mapping detailed structure of whole animal and human brains. The strategy for comprehensive brain mapping requires the fast data taking and fast image processing for a massive information of large brain on a realistic time scale.