【數據科學系列演講】2022.12.21 (三) 15:30-17:20@工程三館 EC115 /講者:徐業良 教授/講題:Gerontechnology: Landscape and opportunities


講題: Gerontechnology: Landscape and opportunities

主講人:徐業良 特聘教授



時間:2022.12.21 (Wed.) 15:30-17:20

地點 :工程三館 EC115




Facing widespread population aging, people naturally consider applying technologies to provide positive solutions in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce and resources for the care of older adults. Gerontechnology, the intersection between technology and aging, aims to “design technology and environment for independent living and social participation of older persons in good health, comfort, and safety.” In particular, the so-called “smart technology” has been widely used to achieve precision aged care. However, few of these technological products have been widely adopted for the care of older adults. There is a huge barrier to overcome; the fundamental problems to be solved are often design issues rather than technology issues.

The Gerontechnology Research Center (GRC) of Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, was established in 2003 as the pioneering research institute in this field in Taiwan. However, it was Seda G-Tech Co. Ltd., a start-up company spin-off from GRC in 2016, that strove to sell smart care products to homes that completely shifted the mindset of gerontechnology development from a technologist mentality to a designer mentality. In design thinking, empathy replaces technology to become the core of the design process. The product development examples and experiences in the start-up company will be shared in this speech.


Speaker Bio

徐業良教授在元智大學服務30年,曾擔任多項行政主管職務,多次獲得校內教學、研究、服務獎項,三度獲頒有庠元智講座教授,並在2020年獲頒元智大學特聘教授。徐業良教授於2003年創立元智大學「老人福祉科技(gerontechnology)研究中心」,開創了國內在此領域的學術研究,多次領導團隊執行科技部、經濟部大型計畫。International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG)於1997年在荷蘭創立,徐教授爭取第九屆ISG世界年會於2014/06在台北舉辦,擔任大會主席;2014/10獲選擔任ISG IT Director,負責IT相關策略規劃,以及ISG各項會務資訊系統實際營運;2016/09獲選擔任ISG國際學刊Gerontechnology總編輯,廣受此領域國際學者認同。徐教授長期經營研究團隊,執行多項科技部、經濟部計畫,將研究中心研發成果商品化,曾獲選為105年度科技部「產學技術聯盟合作計畫績優團隊」。2016年執行經濟部「產學研價值創造計畫」,在計畫要求下帶領學生團隊成立新創公司,從大學研發邁入實際產業經營,對此領域的創新創業有深刻經驗與體會。