【SEMINAR】5/25(三), Topic: Audio design in SoC

Time: 5/25(Wed) 3.30-5:00 PM

Location: Google meets with the link below

5/25 Online Seminars:


  1. Topic:

Audio design in SoC

  1. Speaker:

Daniel Liu, the senior manager of Novatek

  1. Abstract:

Audio is an important feature in consumer devices such as TV, Mobile, Box, and so on. As an IC designer or HW, or SW engineer, different things need to be taken care of. For the SW part, the performance is very important due to audio signal could not drop at any time. We would discuss the performance problem that many SW engineers might meet, and how we deal with it. Finally, we will introduce AI Audio functions such as voiceprint, and scene detection. It is an emerging interesting topic.

  1. Biography:

Daniel Liu is a senior manager of Novatek. He received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. The following list is the project that the speaker has participated in:

2017        Project: HDMI 2.1 8K ASIC      Milestone: Performance lead

2018        Project: TV SoC 8K                   Milestone: First 8K SoC

2019        Project: FRC 8K, CES show      Milestone: First 8K PQ ASIC

2020        Project: Mainstream 4K SoC   Milestone: MP in 3 months

2021        Project: Ultra-low-cost SoC     Milestone: 40% cost down