【休學申請】因應疫情學生休學申請彈性措施Flexible Measures for Application Procedure of Suspension of Schooling in Response to COVID-19


In response to the severe epidemic situation, students who need to apply for suspension of schooling are allowed to apply online. Please enter NYCU Portal and download the application form, then follow all the steps. Applicants do not need to go to the school to finish the process in person, but the applicant should still submit the application before the deadline (those who have taken courses in this semester must apply before June 4, and those who have not taken courses must apply before July 31) .



辦  理  事  項




Get the approval of your tutor/adviser. (Photos of e-mails, communication software chat history, are acceptable, please save it as a clear PDF or JPF file.)



Email your application form and the above files as attachments to the staff member of your department/institute.



The staff member shall forward the application and the attachments to the chairperson, who will review and stamp the application; or the chairperson can authorize the staff member to review and approve the document.



The staff member of the department/institute shall collect the application form with all attachments, and then email them to the staff member at the Division of Registrar. *



After the Division of Registrar has received and approved the application

A.     通知學生申請結果。學生申請後若於一週後未收到註冊組的結果確認信,請主動來電詢問註冊組各學系(所/學位學程)承辦人。

The staff member of the Division of Registrar will notify the applicant. If the applicant does not receive notice from the Division of Registrar after 7 working days, please contact the staff member of the Division of Registrar.

B.      副知系(所/學位學程)及原休學申請書上離校流程之各單位。

The Division of Registrar will notify the corresponding offices for the leaving school process by email.

C.     申請人須依學務處之相關規定辦理離校流程可以email送件審核 (email、通訊對話紀錄留存,並存成pdf檔或清晰的相片檔),惟住宿生須依「宿舍管理辦法」辦理遷出手續,才能完成離校手續。

The applicant shall complete the leaving school process according to the instruction of the Office of Student Affairs by email (Acceptable forms of proof include photos of emails, and communication software chat history. Please save it as a clear PDF or JPF file.) Applicants who live in the dormitory must move out in order to complete the leaving school process according to the Regulations for the Students' Dormitory.



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