【數據科學系列演講】敬邀參加2021.05.05 (三) 15:30-17:20@工程三館115/講者:熊博安 教授/講題:Smart Detection of Human Object Interactions

講者:熊博安 教授

講題:Smart Detection of Human Object Interactions


日期:110/05/05 (Wed.)






Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology, CCU, Taiwan

Director, Smart Living Technology Research Center, CCU, Taiwan

Deputy Director, Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on Artificial Intelligence, @IIT Ropar, India and CCU

Former Director General, Intelligence Technology Department, Chiayi Municipal Govt., Taiwan

Honorary Professor, Amity University, India

IET Fellow, IEEE/ACM Senior Member, IICM Life Member



In this talk, we will describe how to use Human Pose Estimations and Object Keypoints to detect Human Object Interactions. The proposed method is illustrated on human and luggage interactions, but is extensible to other kinds of human object interactions as long as poses are estimated and objects can be characterized by some keypoints. We demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of the method and show how it is superior to previous methods in both performance (FPS) and accuracy (mean AP).