【數據科學系列演講】敬邀參加2020.11.18 (三) 15:30-17:20@工程三館115/ 講者:陳毅瑾總監/ 講題:Apply data analytics in the business world

題目 :Apply data analytics in the business world
講者 :Bianca Chen ( 陳毅瑾 )
時間 :2020.11.18 (三) 15:30-17:20
地點 :國立交通大學光復校區 工程三館 EC115
摘要 :
Data analytics and test vs. control methodology has been a common practice in the science world. 


However, real business world has so much noise that it’s extremely difficult to detect the relatively small signal from business initiatives like pricing and promotion with high accuracy.

Still, business owners are keen to know whether their investments have really brought incremental profit amidst this noisy and seasonal market which is being constantly affected by weather, competitor, elections, and just everything else. 

So the big ask is: with the ever-increasing data volume that each business holds nowadays, how can enterprises ride on this trend to fully utilize these data asset to unpuzzle the critical question above that business executives need answers for?