【演講公告】109年11月16日(一)13:20~15:10在交大工三022教室.美國Facebook Dr. Chia-Yang Tsai 演講「Beyond AV1 at Facebook」

PAIR計畫團隊彭文孝教授11月16日(一)邀請美國Facebook Dr. Chia-Yang Tsai 前來交大演講

時間: 109年11月16日(一)13:20~15:10
地點: 國立交通大學光復校區工程三館 EC022教室






Title: Beyond AV1 at Facebook

AV1 is the video coding standard defined by Alliance for Open Media (AOM) at 2018. The compression efficiency is superior to HEVC/H.265 and has been widely adopted in many video streaming services, like YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook. Since 2019, AOM started investigating the next-generation video technology. Dr. Tsai will introduce the latest development in AOM beyond AV1 and how Facebook has contributed in it.

Speaker: Chia-Yang Tsai

Chia-Yang Tsai received the B.Eng, M.S., and Ph.D degrees in Electronics Engineering from National Chao Tung University, Taiwan.
He is now a Software Engineer with Facebook, U.S., and an active delegate representing Facebook in video coding standards, including AOM, MPEG, and JVET. Before joining Facebook, He was formerly Chief Architect at Realnetworks, U.S. (2016-2018) / Beijing (2014-2016),  and commercialized the proprietary RealMedia video format. He was formerly Technical Manager in MediaTek, Taiwan (2010-2014), and proposed essential technologies adopted in HEVC standard. His research areas include video coding standard, video/image processing, software/hardware video codec design, and real-time communications.
He is a member of IEEE and a frequent reviewer, area chair in IEEE conferences. Currently he serves as Co-chair in Publicity Subcommittee of IEEE CASS VSPC Technical Committee. Dr. Tsai has published more than 100 conference papers, journal papers, book chapters, and standard contributions, and holds more than 80 granted patents.


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