2013/5/30 (四) Applying Microkernel Architecture for Real-world Use Cases,台灣創新行動服務推廣協會理事長黃敬群

時間  : 102530   15:15-16:30

地點  : EC345


講者:黃敬群,網路慣用暱稱為 "jserv" -


* 台灣創新行動服務推廣協會 / 理事長

* 成功大學資訊工程系 / 兼任教師

* 聯發科技 / 顧問

* 杏昕科技 / 技術長

* 晶心科技 / 幕僚工程師

閒暇時投入若干世界級的開放原始碼專案開發,如新酷音輸入法, GCC / GNU Classpath, LXDE, Android Open Source Project 等等。

講題:Applying Microkernel Architecture for Real-world Use Cases


In the seminar, we will discuss the evolution of microkernel-based operating system designs and give a technical overview about the existing implementations.

Toward real-world use cases,we propose the methodology of adapting famous L4 microkernel and constructing our own system to provide the advanced features to support real-time applications,

capability-based security, and virtualization facilities.