12/26 (三) 碩博論文研討—網路工程演講

時 間:1226 星期三 13:20 ~ 15:10


地 點:電資大樓 4會議室 (一樓) / MIRC 4th meeting room.(1F)

Dr. Rose Lai, Project Director, ITRI/SSSC,
              (工研院服科中心 賴才雅博士

講 題:eHealth Systematic Service Solutions -- Challenges and Opportunities



    Deputy Division Director, Healthcare Service Division, SSTC, ITRI

    Director, Telehealthcare program Management Office, DOH

    Engineering Manager, ICL, ITRI

    Clinician, Day Treatment Center, Mount Carmel Behavioral Healthcare  System, USA

    Senior Casemanager, family Support Program, YMCA, NY, USA


    Postdoctoral fellow in Interactive Health Communication, Columbia University, USA

    Ph.D. in Consumer Health Informatics, Columbia University, USA

    Master of Public Health in Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University, USA

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, National Taiwan University

    Major Project Topics

    Comprehensive solution development for physical-mental-social healthcare

    Integration of western and oriental medical/healthcare management services

    International collaboration in smart living solutions

    universAAL, European Commission

    China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS)

    WHO Collaborating Center, Columbia University


The presentation will start from the definition of health and healthcare needs to further explore the impacts of network and Internet on healthcare total solution development. By the introduction of international and national cases, the benefits of the integration of data flow and service flow would be identified and elaborated. How future smart living experiences could be enhanced by eHealth applications will also be discussed.      


主持人:林寶樹 教授