1/2 (三) 碩博論文研討—資訊系統與系統設計演講

講    題:Some Critical Thinking to Start Your Design Career


演講者:Mr. James Chi-Chang Lai (賴吉昌), Project VP,  Andes Technology (晶心科技)

時 間:1月2日 星期三 13:20 ~ 15:10


地 點:工程四館 117 教室



More and more graduates join the hi-tech industrial to pursue their careers in product designs every year. But the overall satisfactions to the industrial, the societies, and even the individuals seem to get less and less. What have been broken in the hi-tech industrial Taiwan has built over the past years? What could we do as an individual to turn the situation better? What kinds of challenges you will be facing few years from now? Here is some critical thinking to find a way out for your hi-tech design career.