01/02 (三) 碩博論文研討—網路工程演講

時 間:0102 星期三 13:20 ~ 15:10


地 點:電資大樓 4會議室 (一樓) / MIRC 4th meeting room.(1F)

Dr. Cheng-Hong Yeh, Principal Researcher, TRI/ICL

              (工研院資通所正研究員 葉建宏博士)

講 題:Subject related to Core Technology of Optical Broadband Communications


Chien-Hung Yeh received his PhD degree from the Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 2004. He is a Principal Researcher with Information and Communications Research Laboratories (ICL), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan, for leading the Advanced Project of Optical Access Networks. Dr. Yeh’s major research interests are optical fiber communication, TDM-, WDM- and ROF-PON access, WiMAX-ROF in high-speed rail (HSR), fiber laser and amplifier, optical sensor, THz-ROF, and Green LED communication etc. He has published more 150 Journal papers and 95 International Conference papers in his research areas, and holds over 29 patents.

葉建宏在 2004 年於交通大學光電所取得博士學位,他現在任職於工研院資通所擔任正研究員一職。其主要研發院內寬頻光纖接取網路、光纖到家、光纖載微波、兆赫波通訊及 LED 可見光通訊等等相關技術。葉博士個人已經發表超過 150 篇國際期刊論文、 95 篇國際會議論文及獲證 29 件國內外專利。




TDM and WDM-PONs have been extensively studied for fiber to the home (FTTH) access applications due to the advantages of high-speed, huge-capacity, and cost-effectiveness etc. Because of the high bandwidth demand (towards Exabyte (1018)) in the future, the present TDM-PON could not support this requirement. To solve this issue, hybrid WDM-TDM PON will be clearly emerging technology for next-generation access. However, in such WDM-PONs, multi-wavelength sources are required in central office (CO) to produce the downstream data to different optical network unit (ONU). And, each ONU also requires a specific-wavelength to match with the corresponding wavelength at the CO. Thus, a wavelength-tunable laser is demanded in each ONU for generating upstream signal. Even though it is workable to employ a tunable laser source at each ONU, the laser source is still costly in WDM-PON access. It may also delay the development of WDM-PON. Hence, carrier-distribution PON access has been studied to overcome the high deployment cost in WDM-TDM PON.


主持人:林寶樹 教授