演講(1/16): 正文科技_Mobile Internetworking/Connectivity Technology and Industry Trends (歡迎對申請替代役有興趣者參加)

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電子與資訊研究中心 演講公告 2013/01/11 2013/01/17



聯絡人:陳淑卿           聯絡電話: 03-5712121 *52902

 Topic: Mobile Internetworking/Connectivity Technology and Industry   Trends ( 移動互聯網的技術及產業趨勢 )  

Speaker: Dr. Jeng-Rern Yang, Executive Board Member, Gemtek

( 正文科技執行董事 楊正任博士 )  

Time: Jan. 16 (Wed.), 13:20~ 15:10  

Place: Conference Room 4 , 1 stFloor, Microelectronics &   Information    Systems Research Building ( 電子資訊研究大樓第四會議室 )  


 Dr. Jeng-Rern Yang Received his Ph.D. degree in E.E. from National Tsing Hua University in 1988. He majored in solid state electronics and participated in Taiwan High Tech Research Center for microwave circuit development. He has been with Yuan-Ze University since 1996 as associate professor of Department of Communications Engineering. He has good experiences in RF integrated circuit design and led several industrial, academic, and research projects. Dr. Yang founded Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide communication manufacturer and is listed in Taiwan, with Howard Chen in 1992 and has been executive BoD up to the present. He is also the president of Browan Communications Inc., an internet telecom company invested by Gemtek. He was granted Distinguished Alumni of National Tsing Hua University Science College in 2004 and Distinguished Alumni of National Tsing Hua University E.E. College in 2009.  


1. 移動互聯網之技術發展

2. 移動互聯網之市場趨勢

3. 移動互聯網新穎創意服務

4. 台灣的機會與挑戰  


 (All are welcomed to join this seminar talk. Thanks!)